What size should I order for my pup?

Our bandanas come in the traditional triangle tie-on style, with the option to add on snaps, free of charge. Bandanas come in extra small, small, medium & large (see above size chart). Please measure your dog’s neck (don’t forget to account for any floof) and leave sufficient space to tie the knot! If your pup is in between sizes, I recommend ordering a size up as the bandanas can be folded down for a perfect fit. This will also allow more print visibility.

You can also opt to add snaps instead, as they allow more flexibility and won't leave you with a lot of left over fabric. 

What are snaps & how can I use them?
Snaps are buttons that go on each end of your bandana. By adding snaps, you'll have the option of tying a double knot & snapping for extra security, doing one loop & then snapping, or simply just snapping the bandana on. It makes our bandanas even more adjustable, especially for growing pups!

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions!